Belligundi Waterfalls Trek

Belligundi waterfalls (literally translating to silver waterfalls) are located deep in the Sharavathi valley of Karnataka. The falls flow from 300 meters above and are unlike any other you might have witnessed. The falls shine like silver onto the rocky hill. The falls also constantly see rainbows running across. The Belligundi falls trek is a challenging one. Trekkers must go through dense Shola forests and a threat of poisonous vipers. The descent on a steep trail needs gear like a bamboo stick. Below are the details of the trek:

How to reach Belligundi Falls?

By Airways: The nearest airport to reach Belligungi falls trek is Mangalore which is 140 km away. From Mangalore, you need to take a train or bus to Kattinakaru, a village in Sagar taluk of Shimoga. From Kattinakaru, hire a guide to precede to Karani (the base point for the trek) around 10 Kms from Kattinakaru village. Belligundi falls distance from Bangalore is 420 km.

By Railways: The nearest railway station is Talaguppa which is 58 km away. From Talaguppa take a taxi or a bus to Kattinakaru village. Proceed to Karani (the base point for the trek) via road.

By Roadways: You can also drive from Bangalore or Mangalore to Karani by hired car or an owned car. The private and government-owned bus service is also available. The duration from Bangalore is 19 hours.

• The network is weak & is available intermittently.

How much would it cost you?

• Cost Per Person from Bangalore: 11,000 /- (inclusive of all taxes)

• Book hotels and local guides to enjoy the planned trip. If you know a local, you can pre-book. Usually, there are no rush or booking hassles, even at the last minute.

How to Register?

No registration is required for the trek. You can directly reach Karani and hire a local guide. But if you want to pre-book, there are many trekking services that you can take from Bangalore.

Trip Rescheduling

In case, you want to change the trip dates or reschedule the trip once booked, it is not possible. However, you can contact the local guide and check with them about the extent of the charges. If so is to be done, the cost is to be borne by the client.

Trip Cancellation Policy

• Any cancellation that you wish should be informed to the local guide in advance.

• Cancellation charges are imposed as per the guide’s discretion.

• Usually, no refunds are entertained if you cancel less than 15 days before the departure date.

• No refund in case of cancellation after starting the trip. You can discuss the terms at length with your local guide while booking only.

Refund of Payment

It is usually at the guide’s discretion to reimburse or cut your booking charges like the cottage booking, trip booking, and other costs.