Uparkot Fort

This historical Uparkot Fort is located in east side of Junagadh.

Uparkot Fort

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Explore Uparkot Fort through captivating images that showcase their rich culture, history, and charm.

Uparkot Fort Junagadh
Swati Bhavsar
Uparkot Fort Junagadh
Swati Bhavsar

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By Air

The nearest airport is 40 kilometers from Keshod, however, it has inconsistent flight schedules. The next closest airport is Rajkot Airport, which is 107 kilometers away but more reliable.

By Train

Junagadh is well-connected by train to Ahmedabad. The Ahmedabad-Veraval route has two express trains that run day and night. The day train would, of course, be more convenient. Trains on the Rajkot-Veraval line can also take you to Junagadh.

By Bus

Junagadh can be reached by ST bus from Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Porbandar, and other major cities in the state.

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Uparkot Fort, Junagadh, Gujarat

Uparkot Fort is very popular and one of the historical places to visit in Junagadh. It has many attractions inside the fort and is known as a crowd puller. This uparkot fort is built by Mauryan Empire Chandragupta in 319 BC. Timings to visit the Fort: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Everyday)

Uparkot Fort is almost 1500 years old; a visit to this fort will give you a fantastic sense of history. It's great to witness its architectural achievements. It's hard to think humans erected this massive edifice without the use of any technology. This fort is a protected monument and an important Junagadh cultural site. Upperkot Fort is said to be a superb edifice built in 319 BC by Chandragupta Maurya. The fort features two excellent step-wells, both of which are made of solid rock. Its walls are so thick and robust that it is still standing. There are numerous holes here for vigil purposes. The tops of these walls do have windows. The main advantage of these walls are that they are built with a gap inside the wall that looks like a trench and its main fort complex regions. There are numerous stone art works to be seen here.

Things to do in Uparkot Fort

1. Sightseeing 

The historic fort, located at the foot of Girnar mountain, provides beautiful views of the foggy hills.

2. Discover Uparkot fort history

From a historical standpoint, Uparkot Fort is the greatest venue to learn about the glorious past of the Mauryan empires.

3. Photography

Uparkot Fort is surrounded by several viewpoints from which you can capture stunning photographs for your photo album.

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