Mathura, the famous pilgrimage centre is located on western banks of the Yamuna River in Uttar Pradesh.


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Mathura Mathura
Khushali Gohel
Mathura Mathura
Khushali Gohel

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lokesh kumar

lokesh kumar

Jun 27, 2018

this is a nice website. It gives complete information about mathura and its nearby places. person follows this website find easy to accomodate in mathura.

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Mathura, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

Mathura: A journey to explore rich Indian History 

Mathura, a birthplace of Lord Krishna is one of the most religious cities of India. This popular pilgrimage centre is situated on the western banks of the Yamuna River. This major city of Uttar Pradesh is located north of Agra and southeast of Delhi. Mathura is often called as Brajbhoomi, a sacred land of Lord Krishna. You can experience the sound of flute throughout the city and an amazing feeling of love and dedication in every corner of the city. Holi is a most popular festival of Mathura and millions of people all around the world come to Mathura just because to enjoy the great joy and enthusiasm of this colorful festival.

Places to Visit in Mathura: 

Mathura is highly known for its list of amazing historical temples. So start your visit with Krishna Janam Bhoomi temple, Dwarkadheesh temple, Iskon Temple, Govardhan Giriraj Hill, Jaigurudeo Temple, Birla Temple, Bankey Bihari Temple, Gayatri Tapo Bhumi, Rangbhoomi and many more. Other tourist attraction of Mathura includes Jami Masjid, Ghats, Sati Burj, Kans Qila, Kusum Sarovar, Kesava Doe Temple, Old Fort, Government Museum, Mathura Refinery, and much more.

Nearby Places to visit in Mathura

#1 Vrindavan: Vrindavan, a small town located at just 15 kms away from Mathura. It is a place where Krishna spent his childhood time that's why called as a Land of Lord Krishna. You will get many beautiful temples at this town like Vaishno Devi temple, Govind Dev Temple, Prem Mandir, Sri Ranganatha Mandir Temple and so on. 
#2 Gokul: Gokul is just 16 kms away from Mathura. This place is well known for its historical importance where many remnants of Lord Krishna are still found. Krishna spent his childhood and young age in Gokul. Nath ji temple and Raman Reti are the most visited destinations in Gokul. 
#3 Nandgaon: This religious place is situated at just 32 kms from Mathura. You can easily reach at this destination as there are many cabs or buses available for Nandgaon from Mathura. This place also has a special significance in history as it is believed that Lord Krishna spent lot of his childhood time here. He used to come here with his cows and play with his friends. Though Gokul has so many temples but Pan Sarovar and Nanda Rai temple are the most important attractions of this place. 
#4 Barsana: This village is found at the 45 kms distance from the city Mathura. This is a birthplace of Radha Rani, surrounded with four hills. All the hills have beautiful temples of Lord Krishna and Radha ji but the most famous temple is Ladli ji ka Mandir. Prem Sarovar, a place where Lord Krishna and Radha first time met together is another most important attraction of this town. Barsana is also very popular for Holi celebration which is popularly known as Lathmaar Holi.

Place to Stay in Mathura:

Mathura is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India so there are lots of places to stay, all that you need to select as per your preferences and budget. These staying options are found in each and every corner of the city and all these options are quite affordable as well so you don’t need to spend lot of money on these. These accommodation facilities include:

#1 Luxury Hotels: There are many luxurious hotels in Mathura like Brijwasi lands Inn, The Radha Ashok, Wingston Hotel, Abhinandan Hotel and many more. All the luxury hotels are found throughout the city and provide good ambience facilities to their customers. Yes, they are little bit pricey but they deserve this.
#2 Guest Houses or Budget Hotels: There are many medium budget guest houses in Mathura that offer basic facilities to their customers in reasonable costs.
#3 Dharmshalas or Ashramas: These are the best options for the single day use as they don’t offer very good services. These are the most budgeted options to stay but don’t expect very high class services. 
#4 Government Apartments: Mathura has some government Apartments as well. They are also considered as cost effective options to stay.
#5 Serviced Apartments: These are the good options for the family visitors. You will get complete well furnished flats including kitchen. 

All these accommodations offer different facilities as per the rates. So choose as per your pocket and preferences.

So, here I have concluded the highlights of this city. The specialty of Mathura in terms of food includes pera, jalebies, lassi, and kachoris. You must try these sweets while travelling Mathura. Remember one thing, most of the temples of Mathura do not allow mobile phones and cameras so avoid these devices while entering the temple's vicinity. Plan your visit to Mathura any time of the year but I think the most preferred time for Mathura trip will be during the month of March. You will surely enjoy the festival of Holi and get many beautiful memories of your trip. So, enjoy the colorful and delightful journey of Mathura. Have a happy journey!

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