Mana, Uttarakhand, India

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About Mana

Mana is a beautiful village located at just 3KM from Badrinath temple in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Mana is also famously known as the last village of India on Indo-China border has around 600 populations. As it is located at 3200 meter altitude, the villagers have to move down to lower places as most of the area around Mana village is covered by snow during winter season.

This place has its root connected with religious history of India. There are two small caves licated in Mana, named "Vyas gufa" and "Ganesh gufa". It is believed that "Maharshi Vyas" composed the Mahabharata in the cave and "Ganesha" wrote the Mahabharata in his cave. There is one interesting tourist spot known as “Bheem pool (bridget)” which is connected with Mahabharata. The villagers believed that the “Panch Pandavas” choose this path to reach the haven and could not cross the river “Saraswati”. So, Bheem put a large rock over the river connecting two parts of the hill which is now known as “Bheem pool”. If you are planning to visit this village, don’t forget to visit two shops (as shown in pictures) which are also known as last shops of India.

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