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Kotna beach is located at just 17KM from Vadodara which is famous for various water sports activities like Kayaking and boating.

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Explore Kotna Beach through captivating images that showcase their rich culture, history, and charm.

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Where Kotna Beach located

How To Reach Kotna Beach

By Air

Vadodara Airport is the closest option to visit Kotna beach from where tourist can take a cab or taxi to visit the atrraction.

By Train

The Anklav Railway Station is approximately 5 km away from Kotna beach and serves as the closest railway to this popular tourist destination.

By Bus

Local cabs or taxis are easily available for hire to the tourist place Kotna. People from Vadodara can often visit Kotna Beach for 1 day or on the weekend.

Kotna Beach Tour Packages

Explore Kotna Beach with our tour packages, where each package is designed to take you in the rich culture, historical landmarks, and local flavors of the region.

Kotna Beach, Vadodara, Gujarat

Kotna Beach is located near Vadodara, Gujarat. Kotna Beach is one of the best picnic spots for tourists where they can click photographs, do sightings and many more activities you can do there. This place is considered a wonderful river bank. Sunrise and sunset both look amazing at Kotna and gives you mesmerizing view. Winter is the best time to visit Kotna beach and this place is 17 km far away from Vadodara.

Things to do in Kotna Beach 

1. Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the popular activities at Kotna beach. The cost of kayaking is around INR 250 to 300 per person. 

2. Photography & Sighting

The vibrant atmosphere of the river is so captivating that it compels you to do photoshoots. Take a camera with you to click beautiful photos.

3. Picnic

This is also a picnic spot for 1 day or on a weekend where people can visit according to their convenience with their family.

3. Relaxing

The atmosphere is very pleasent so any age of people can feel relax and spend time with their nearest one.

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