Kartik Swami Temple

Kartik Swami Mandir is a beautiful place located near Kanakchauri village at around 40KM from Rudraprayag in Uttarakhanda at height of 3048 meters.

Kartik Swami Temple

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Kartik Swami Temple Rudraprayag
Guide to Heaven
Kartik Swami Temple Rudraprayag
Guide to Heaven
Kartik Swami Temple Rudraprayag
Jignesh Gohel
Kartik Swami Temple Rudraprayag
Jignesh Gohel
Kartik Swami Temple Rudraprayag
Jignesh Gohel

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Where Kartik Swami Temple located

How To Reach Kartik Swami Temple

Dehradun Airport

The nearest airport to Kartik swami temple is Jolly grant airport Dehradun located at around 170KM from Kanakchauri village. You can easily hire a taxi to reach Rudraprayag or directly visit kanakchauri village from where you can do trek to reach at temple.


Nearest place is Rudraprayag which is located at 40KM from the temple. From Rudraprayag, you can hire shared taxi to reach at this place.

Haridwar Railway Station

Nearest railway station is Haridwar located at around 170KM.

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Jignesh Gohel

Jignesh Gohel

May 19, 2024

This is very beautiful temple near Rudraprayag and will take around 2 hours driver to reach there. If you are having one full day, you must visit Kartik swami temple. Please note that it needs to do 3.5 KM trek from Kanakchauri village so please plan accordingly.

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Kartik Swami Temple, Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand

Kartik Swami Temple is a beautiful temple located near Kanakchauri village at around 40KM from Rudraprayag in Uttarakhanda at height of 3048 meters. 

You can visit this temple via Rudraprayag or if you are travelling from Tilwara, you can take Shahid Yashodhar Baijwal Motor Marg to reach Chopta village (this is not a Tungnath Chopta). From Tilwara, you can take route via Karndhar - Benji – Bandrikot - Durgadhar – Chopta – Kanakchonry. 

Kartik Swami Temple Trek 

Kartik swami temple trek is very easy in summer season and may take around 2 hours one side. Once you reach Kanakchauri village via Chopta, park your vehicle at the village and start your trek. The trek to Kartik swami temple is about 3.5KM and the route moderate passes through mountain. You will find rest area at every 500 meters where you can seat and take rest if needed. Last half KM of stretch is very well maintained with stone blocks followed by around 400 steps that will lead to the peak of temple. 

Brief about Kartik Swami Temple

According to details shared at Kartik Swami Temple, the history of this temple is again very interesting. Lord Shiva once challenged his sons, Lord Kartikeya and Lord Ganesha, to a race around the universe. He promised that the winner would be given a first priority to worshiped their parents. Lord Kartikeya started his journey on his vehicle peacock to circle the universe, while Lord Ganesha decided to circle around his parents, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. When questioned, Lord Ganesha explained that his parents were his universe. Impressed by Ganesha's devotion, Lord Shiva declared him the winner which upset Kartikeya greatly. 

In his anger, Kartikeya offered his body and bones to his father and his flesh to his mother as a sign of respect. This incident occurred at the spot where the Kartik Swami Temple stands today and worshipped in the form of bones. It is considered as the only temple of Kartik Swami in the state of Uttarakhand. 

Kartik Swami Temple Timings 

As per the information we received from local, the temple is open from early morning to evening. You can consider below timings while visiting the temple: - 6AM to 7PM every day Please note that the timing may vary from season to season and better you talk with local tourism department before you plan your trek to temple 

Temple Entry Fees

You don't need any booking or prior ticket and entry to Temple is FREE of charge.

Best time to visit 

The best time to visit temple is from October to June where you can have a great visibility of the Himalayan Mountain range. Pilgrim from various part of the country visit this temple on Kartik Purnima and other festival being celebrated by Uttarakhand tourism department.

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