Jambukeswarar Temple, Tamil Nadu, India

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About Jambukeswarar Temple

Jambukeswarar Temple of Tiruvanailkoil located in (Trichi) Tiruchirapalli district of Tamil Nadu state. The temple is one of the 5 major Shiva Temples of Tamil Nadu state which representing the Pancha Mahabhuta or Five Elements of Nature; in which this temple represent the element of water or neer (in Tamil language).

FAQ's Related to Jambukeswarar Temple

As per the information available on WikiPedia, this Jambukeswarar temple was built by one of the early King Kochengot Cholas. As per the Legend, he built 70 temples and this is the one of among them.

There is not exact information available but according to WikiPedia, this temple was built 1800 years ago.

The morning darashan timing is 6AM to 1PM and Evening time is 5PM to 9PM.

Some of the famous festivals celebrated at the temple are Panguni Brahmotsav, Puratasi navratri and special pujas held on Fridays in the Thai month.

You can visit temple in any season but the best time to visit temple is in winter season from November to March.

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