Elephant Stables, Karnataka, India

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About Elephant Stables

The Elephant Stable Hampi is a magnificent structure that served as a home for the Vijayanagara Empire's royal elephants. The elephant stable is one of the few constructions that escaped from major damage during the Mughal siege on Hampi in 1565 A.D. Even today, the antique stable is a popular tourist destination.


How to reach Elephant Stables

By Air

The nearest town with an airport is Ballari (Bellary). Ballary is around 64 kilometres away from Hampi. Visitors can arrive in Ballari by flying to the little town and then using local transportation to Hampi.

By Train

In the city of Hosapete, the nearest railway station is located (Hospet). The Hospet Junction Railway Station is located in Hosapete. Hosapete is approximately 10 kilometres from Hampi.

By Road

Hampi is well-known for its excellent road system. With the help of this network, it is well-connected to a number of towns and cities. Several KSRTC buses run between Hampi and other Karnataka towns and cities. Visitors can either use the bus or hire private automobiles, cabs, or other vehicles to go to Hampi.


Things to do in Elephant Stables

1. Explore the architecture

The architecture is beautiful, and you can imagine the glory of the kingdom that if elephants were treated with such care in the carving then what was their royalty.

2. Sightseeing 

Sightseeing is another peaceful and relaxing activity which you can enjoy here. It is surrounded by a huge garden that improves the aesthetic appeal. It is necessary to visit at least once.

3. Photography

Taking photographs near the elephant stable is another fun pastime that you may participate in. The location is very beautifully decorated and maintained in order to attract visitors.

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