Bara Imambara, Uttar Pradesh, India

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About Bara Imambara

Bara Imambara Lakhnow is one of the city's most famous monuments. Nawab Asaf-ud Daulah, the fourth nawab of Awadh, built Bara Imambara or Asafi Imambara in 1784. The architecture of the complex, specifically the Badshahi Mosque, reflects the maturation of ornamented Mughal design. The Imambara is best known for its incredible maze, known locally as Bhul Bhulaiya, located on the monument's upper floor.

It is said that there are 1024 ways to enter the maze but only two ways out. It is strongly advised that visitors only go with authorised guides. The grand Asafi Mosque is located within the Imambara compound has a. Shahi Baoli is another popular attraction in this area.


How to reach Bara Imambara

By Air

The nearest airport is Amausi. Lucknow Imambara's history attracts many visitors from both the national States and other countries who can easily get here.

By Train

Charbagh is the nearest railway station. This station is well-connected to nearby cities and states via railways. Taking the train to get here is also a cost-effective option.

By Road

Uttar Pradesh's overall road network is quite good. The nearest bus station is Qaiser Bagh, from which you can easily take private or public transportation to Bara Imambara.


Things to do in Bara Imambara

1. Photography

Doing photography is an excellent activity which you can enjoy in the vicinity of Imambara. The ambiance is still maintained and lots of movies scene are taken at this spot.

2. Shopping 

Doing shopping outside the market of Lucknow Imambara bhool bhulaiya is another best and most fun activity which you can enjoy the most. Here you also get to know about the ancient culture and some historical story from the shops' people about the place.

3. Food 

Imambara is surrounded by lots of eatery joints and famous restaurants. Some of them are famous for moughalai and nababi food.

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