Analgadh is best weekend destination located at 17km from Gondal city in Rajkot district of Gujarat state India.

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Where Analgadh located

How To Reach Analgadh

By Air

The nearest Airport is Rajkot airport, which is approximately 43 km away.

By Train

The nearest Railway Station is Rajkot Junction, which is approximately 43 km away.

By Bus

Analgadh is well connected with nearby cities like Keshod, Porbandar and Veraval.

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Analgadh, Rajkot, Gujarat

Analgadh is a small village located at 17km from Gondal city in Rajkot district of Gujarat state India. This place is famous for Ancient fort and Kalaka Mataji temple located on hilltop surrounded by scenic beauty of farms. This temple is very ancient and the place is very isolated and less crowded. If you are looking for one day picnic spot near Rajkot or Gondal, this can be your best destination. The best time to visit Analgadh is monsoon season as greenery is spreading all around the fort which gives breathtaking views to visitors. You can enjoy the sunset from top of the hill which attracts people to visit Analgadh again & again. It is also having small garden with slides and cradle for children and can your best weekend destination to spend beautiful time with family and friends.

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